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Elodie Sablier, pianist and composer, has made the art of transcribing human encounters, the beauty and fragility of nature her signature. Her minimalist, timeless, colourful and above all cinematographic music fulfils an organic function: to inspire life and restore it through sounds as sincerely and accurately as possible.

Elodie composes as she breathes, instinctively, before searching for the right techniques to share intimacy and authenticity in her recordings and on stage. A stage where, endowed with a great presence, she captivates and hypnotizes her audience with her intense, aerial and elegant playing.

Influenced by artists such as Hania Rani, Nils Frahms or Michel Nyman, her styles evolve like so many ramifications around a common trunk: her training as a classical pianist, acquired at the Lyon and Paris Conservatories, and completed by a jazz school in Valence. She won several prizes in piano and chamber music, and for several years performed the most prestigious scores (Beethoven, Debussy, Liszt, etc.) before incorporating her own compositions into her classical repertoire.

It was in Australia, where Elodie Sablier lived for six years, that the composer revealed herself. Carried away by the novelty of exoticism and freed from a certain academicism, she produced two albums in quick succession: Vertigo in 2013 (1st place in the Australian charts) and Silent Bridge in 2014. Both albums will be played on many of the country’s biggest stages, including the Opera House in Sydney.

Back in France, she unveiled her third opus, Graine de Sable, in 2017, and put her writing at the service of ensembles, orchestras, short and feature films. 

Elodie Sablier pianiste compositrice

Settled in the heart of a Provençal forest, Elodie now devotes her days to composing and is currently preparing the release of her next album on the Jorson Records label, the first track of which will be unveiled at the end of 2022. To be discovered on stage during the 21 performances already scheduled at the Festival d’Avignon 2023.