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Release of Night Rain and its clip

It’s been 10 days since the release of my first single from my upcoming album “In My Forest”.

A lot of people who have been listening to me since I started and who enjoyed my first 2 albums were waiting for this first single.

I feel very grateful to them because their reception to “Night Rain” has been very positive.

I have received many comments about this release and the video. I wanted to share with you one of them that particularly touched me. It was from Maité Barbe, who lives in Australia, in Katoomba, “in the blue mountains, far from the noise, near the forest, the waterfalls and where the neighbours still say hello and check in with a smile”. Maité is also a radio host bringing French music to Australia and it was in this context that I met her. Following my first interview on this show called “Trampoline”, which is also the name of one of the tracks that appears on my first album “Vertigo”. This composition became the theme song of the show.

In Sydney Maité listened to ‘Night Rain’ carefully:

“Your piece reconciles me with the beauty of things, with this breath of life that I feel in the measure of your musical pauses, with each note the caress of a drop, then an aerial river made of a multitude of drops to quench the thirst of our earth, of the trees and birds, to bring the human being back to his nature and Nature to our consciousness.

I once said to Jacques Higelin that there are artists who touch us, who we love and follow, and then there are those who leave a deep trace in our lives, more than a tattoo, a mooring. Your first album lifted my head from the mourning of my father to look at the sky with a new tenderness. The fine and sensitive rain of this piece has just muted my inner storms. Can’t wait to hear your new album.

We artists are looking for success, for recognition, for sharing our art, but comments like Maité’s leave an inked mark and encourage me to continue my craft as a composer. To create a limitless expressive channel between the listener and myself in a common language, belonging to no one, is my dream that I would like to accomplish with my music.

Night Rain is a symbol of the rebirth of an artist who returns to live close to her roots after spending six years on the other side of the world.

I needed to compose “In My Forest” to give a deep meaning to my return to where I was born and raised. Our forest corresponds to our “interior” that we protect, that we take care of, that could symbolize our forests where we walk, where we resource ourselves.

The album “In My Forest” is a journey towards a union between nature, music and people.