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Stage work

I have started to rehearse with several directors who allow me to have some perspective on my stage work.

They all have different views on my work. I like working with artists from different worlds.

Everything is possible on stage, the only limit of the artist is his imagination, and I like that.

Like any artist there is an evolution in creation, according to the periods of life, experiences, inspirations, travels, encounters … and the stage, the meeting with public allows me to create more, to have new ideas, to know where I feel good and to feel the good energies of the public. Putting oneself in danger provokes the act of creation and often the right interpretation of the pieces, especially of one’s own compositions.

On some pieces I have created new arrangements for the stage.

The pieces appear differently than on the recording. They will be more present, intense and obviously the interpretation of the moment changes depending on the audience.

This is what I like about the stage, vibrating with the audience, communicating with them towards their imagination. I like to work with the set, the lights, to create a unique world in which the music vibrates and transcends the listener thanks to a passionate, sensitive and reactive performance.

My last tours were in Australia and I am looking forward to presenting a new program to the French public with a certain apprehension, because audiences all over the world are different and I would like my music to appeal to my country of origin as well.