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Review of the year 2022

Real artistic awareness in order to protect the living.

I participated for the first time in the Avignon Festival. Playing 21 times in one month allowed me to see how important it was to play regularly on stage to express oneself directly, without a filter.

21 times with the flyer, 21 times where each performance is different and full houses with an enthusiastic audience, which allowed me to make the decision to want to go back on stage for my own compositions for the 2023 festival in Avignon.

Moreover, in 2022 I lived in the countryside. In the middle of a forest, in a cabin, I set up my recording studio and composed an album that will be released in July 2023. Many compositions were born in the middle of this wilderness.

In the same year I met people with the same message, to breathe and create for and through nature.

Charlotte Le Gal of UMANOIA, is a decisive meeting in my career, we have the same fundamental values, those where art can contribute to radical changes.

She helps me to organise my ideas, my creations, and to know where, how and when to express them to be better heard.

I experience it as an essential collaboration. Many things have already changed for me and the adventure has just begun.

Living among the trees has allowed me to respect them even more, to talk to them, to play them music. I was able to experience playing the piano in a forest and its acoustics seemed to me like that of an amplified cathedral, bordering on the supernatural.

The forest speaks to us in silence, we all have beautiful similarities with these grandiose plants crossing generations. Composing among trees has taught me a lot. Certainly more than in harmony class at the conservatory, my school has become my forest, untamable and docile, it often leaves me speechless but my piano speaks to them.

This year was a black year for many of these devastated forests. Without recourse, we are all responsible for these hard times. It is hard to face our sad fate of a barren future land.

The album “In My Forest” came to me while composing and recording the album in the cabin in the middle of this forest.

From the fiery piano to the passionate notes, melodies and harmonies telling our present story.

I hope you will hear in my compositions a chaotic but confident world of our humanity!